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Save money, time, and headache

Know where your business stands, instantly, without breaking the bank.

Goodbye manual bookkeeping

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Better. Smarter. Faster. Stronger.

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Stay compliant, without compromise on experience

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Integrations with your finance stack

Cut pricy plugin costs and enhance experience as Ceedar ties all your information together into the story of your business.

Modern companies love Ceedar

Our customers use Ceedar to save hours of bookkeeping and gain business intelligence crucial to building a healthy business.

“Finally an all in one tool for my business financials. I love how Ceedar pulls all our accounts together to give us the metrics needed to make smarter monetary business decisions at a glance with easy to understand charts & reports. The automation and intuitive design of Ceedar is allowing for less human powered time spent on mundane tasks by our professional bookkeeper. This valuable time saved is now allocated to talking strategy with our financial team instead, and with Ceedar’s financial reports as our compass!”

Holly Dickinson
Owner and Operator of ACCEL Strength & Conditioning

Holly Dickinson

“As a first time founder, I really wasn’t looking forward to managing my books. I didn’t even want to think about it, and with Ceedar I almost don’t have to. Ceedar has made it really easy to track and categorize all of our transactions and know how much money we have in our accounts at any given time. The founders are super responsive and have helped me get over my fear of bookkeeping.”

Bryce Edwards
Founder and CEO of

Bryce Edwards

Meet the accounting software from the future

Get business intelligence with Ceedar without breaking the bank.

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