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Accounting made smarter

Goodbye Frankenstein accounting software. Hello business intelligence and AI-driven accounting all in one easy-to-use platform.
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Save money & time through automation.

AI-powered Ceedar does the heavy-lifting for all the calculations, categorizations, and reconciliations for you, so you can spend your money & time where it helps you grow your business the most.
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Increase timely collections & minimize losses

Effortlessly track what you’re owed and owing. Never miss a payment. Feed your bills & invoices and Ceedar will take care of the rest for you.
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Intelligent document & transaction matching

Ceedar breaks down details of uploaded receipts and bills and matches them with transactions from your connected accounts. Voila!
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Automated account reconciliations

Any settled item is reconciled automatically, so you have access to an accurate financial status of your business in real time.
Screenshot of the Ceedar app showcasing its benefits such as clear categorization of items owing and owed, automated transaction matching and reconciliation, and automatic reminders and notifications for due items and returns.

Boost your growth with crystal clear finances.

Access a unified, real-time view of business financial info at your fingertips. Get the instant performance feedback that you need to steer and grow your business.
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Connect financial data, seamlessly

Securely connect all your banks, financial accounts, and payment providers, bringing your financial data from all sources into one unified place.
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Holistic view of business financial status

See all your cash balances, items owed & owing, income & expenses, assets, and cash flow trends in one place to make the most insightful business decisions.
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Accounting+ software that speaks your language

Ceedar is made to communicate important information with you, not your accountant. Bypass the mystery of accounting jargon and processes - Ceedar does it all for you.
Screenshot of the Ceedar app showcasing its benefits such as seamless financial data connection, visualization of settled and unsettled income, and summary of all accounts balances.

Compliant & delightful co-exist.

You don’t need to be an accounting expert to be tax compliant and tax-season ready for your business — Ceedar knows how to prepare it all for you, producing clear and accurate financial reports.
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Double-entry, ASPE & GAAP standard compliant

You can have fun (yes you heard it right!) using Ceedar and rest assured your numbers are up to the standard, without the need to be an accounting expert.
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Reduce human error risks

Manual entries and calculations are notorious for errors and mistakes. Ceedar reduces manual entry risks and quickly catches any issues for accurate results.
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Canadian-first accounting

We are a Canadian company proud to serve Canadian businesses. Ceedar gives you accounting customizations tailored to your jurisdiction based in Canada.
Screenshot of the Ceedar app showcasing its benefits such as producing compliant, clear, accurate and beautiful financial reports, and features that help Canadian businesses be tax-season ready.

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of businesses does Ceedar serve best?
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Currently we are onboarding small for-profit Canadian corporations that operate in the services sector.
What financial institutions can Ceedar connect to?
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Ceedar can connect to 99.99% of financial institutions in Canada. You’ll get up to 365 days of transaction history for each connected account.
What apps does Ceedar integrate with?
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Ceedar has native integrations with Wise and some of the most used payment gateways in Canada, such as Stripe, Shopify, Square, PayPal, and more.
Does Ceedar replace the need for Xero or Quickbooks?
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Ceedar is offered as standalone accounting software, and it would replace the need for other accounting software like Xero or Quickbooks in many cases. Ceedar also replaces the need for Dext or HubDoc frequently used with other accounting software. Currently Ceedar does not offer built-in inventory management or payroll, but can sync with existing solutions.
Can I migrate my company’s data from Xero or Quickbooks to Ceedar?
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Yes, you can. We have a seamless migration process for you to easily migrate your data from Xero or Quickbooks to Ceedar.